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WeLaR aims and objectives presented to labour market researchers 

On 15 November Ursula Holtgrewe, ZSI presented the objectives, methods and expected results of WeLaR to labour market researchers, during the fifth edition of the UNTANGLED Open Virtual Expert Café.

A virtual café is an informal online gathering organised periodically by Horizon2020 project UNTANGLED, which enables exchange of ideas and research among expertsand stakeholders from fields including digitalisation, globalisation, migration, work, employment and skills. The November meet-up brought together 10 participants who discussed such issues as the situation of migrants on labour markets, the impact of technology on workers and the effects of globalisation on urban and rural regions.

During the event Holtgrewe said that the aim of WeLaR is to improve the understanding of the individual and combined effects of digitalisation, globalisation, climate change and demographic shifts on the labour market and thus on welfare programmes in Europe, and to develop policy proposals fostering economic growth that is distributed fairly across society and generates opportunities for all. She also invited participants to visit the WeLaR website and social media accounts.

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