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WeLaR second newsletter is out

We are pleased to present the second issue of our newsletter, summing up the latest developments in project WeLaR.

In this issue we recap the first WeLaR webinar. The event brought together more than 40 participants, who discussed the challenges facing European welfare states and labour markets. We heard presentations from Bart Vanhercke, who talked about policymaking in state of permacrisis, and Zuzanna Kowalik, who delved into situation of platform workers in Poland. The newsletter also features an essay by Barbara Glinsner and Ursula Holtgrewe, reflecting on stakeholder engagement as the key to accomplishing WeLaR’s goals.

We also take a look at the latest research from scholars who are participating in the project: Katrin Sommerfeld’s paper on the impact of refugees on labour demand for native workers; Fabrizio Pompei’s analysis of how robot adoption affects the use of flexible contracts; and Ludivine Martin and Laetitia Hauret’s review of literature on the link between digitalisation and employee job quality and well-being.

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