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WP7: Preferences, policy and social innovation

WP7 Leader: OSE
Partners involved: KU Leuven, LISER, IBS, ZSI, UNIPG, ZEW, EKOF

Work package 7 aims to merge the knowledge gathered during the project and to synthesise the quantitative and qualitative research results of work packages 3-6.

Synergies and key challenges will be identified and best practices highlighted. The work will also analyse European citizens’ demand for redistributive policies to determine whether their preferences match voting behaviour for parties that support redistribution. Two research papers will be presented: on preferences for redistribution and the demand for redistributive measures, and on new forms of work and workers’ demand for security and stability.

Stakeholders will conduct an exercise to explore the long-term implications of the four megatrends for labour markets and welfare states. The exercise will take the form of two workshops and will allow the formulation and validation of policy conclusions and recommendations.

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