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WP4: Labour demand trends

WP4 Leader: IBS
Partners involved: KU Leuven, LISER, wiiw, UNIPG, ZEW, EKOF, OSE

The primary objective of WP4 is to investigate the impact of key megatrends on labour demand and skills for various groups of people. This investigation includes assessing the consequences for welfare state coverage and the resulting challenges for welfare states that arise from the changing exposure to economic and social risks. A second objective is to examine the issues associated with atypical jobs and the challenges they pose to welfare states. Atypical jobs have a higher risk of job displacement due to temporary contracts, and they typically have lower coverage by safety nets such as those provided by platform work or “bogus” self-employment compared to standard forms of employment. By investigating these objectives, WP4 aims to provide insights into the implications of megatrends on the labour market and welfare state coverage, which can inform policy decisions to address the challenges posed by these changes.

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